Every year we get to meet new people who stay at the Motel. I feel very comfortable knowing that my son will meet new summer friends every summer that we visit the Bowmont. Makes our choice of booking our Motel A VERY easy choice!

August of 2011 four of us, my son included, had a tee-time the one morning, not realizing it it was the morning we were to move rooms, it was the only morning we were able to golf unfortunately we had to move rooms so the golf tee-time wasn’t going to work, or so we thought, until Christine offered the assistance of Dan and their son the move our belongings to the new room while we were out golfing. This was so nice of them as we could not fit golf in any other time that week. We obviously had everything packed and ready for them to move to make things easy for them as well. This was SO appreciated by my son and I as this was his first full 18 hole round so a memory not forgotten!

Dan and Christine do an amazing job of keep the Motel clean and operating soundly! The pool is always a hit with the kids and adults and the perfect place to lay back and dis-connect. The BBQ’s are very good also, good social area/time when dinner time is going on. Dan and Christine are very friendly and accommodating, they always go out of their way to make things work for everyone

Vacationed at the Bowmont Motel 4 times, so far

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