Bowmont Motel

+1 (250) 490 0231

We have so many fond memories it really is hard to choose just one story to share!</strong>

All 3 of our kids learned to jump off of the diving board at the Bowmont.  They could swim, but were always too scared to go off of the board. It took a bit of coaxing, but then when they saw all the other kids and their friends doing cannonballs, they seemed to find the courage to do it on their own.

It is super friendly and the kids have all made friends from there that we all look forward to seeing.  The Bowmont is one of the very few motels that have a grass courtyard for the kids to play or adults to soak up some sun. We don’t have to worry about telling our kids to be quiet in the hotel.  Instead, we tell them to go outside and play!

The owners, Dan and Christine, have always been more than accommodating if there is anything we need or forgot to bring from home. There are so many things to do within walking distance from the motel, such as mini golf or float down the channel.

We all look forward to our annual return. It is a relaxing environment for the whole family.

Vacationed at the Bowmont Motel 9 times, so far